Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy


As a professional services business, Careerwise’s strength derives from the commitment, capability and cultural diversity of its employees.

 Careerwise is committed to a policy of diversity as integral to business success.  This is based on the belief that differences and similarities between employees provides for an optimal  environment with regard to creativity, innovation and the formation of new ideas and that capitalising on productivity and creativity ensures that Careerwise can maintain the highest standards of quality and exceptional services for customers.

 Careerwise aims to adopt a policy of diversity at all levels including selection, role assignment, teamwork and individual career development. Managers are encouraged to utilise the unique individual potentials for both individual and business development, and employees are expected to recognise the value of their own contributions and the contributions of others.

 Careerwise aims to:


  1. Select, recruit, develop and promote the very best people, basing judgements solely on suitability for the job

  2. Ensure that all applicants and employees receive fair and equal treatment irrespective of age, gender, gender reassignments, sexual orientation, family status, nationality, colour, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion or disability.

  3. Maintain a working environment free from harassment and intimidation, including Sectarian Harassment

  4. Ensure that all employment conditions and job requirements reflect Careerwise’s commitment to diversity.

 From an operational perspective Careerwise also seeks to uphold the principles and practices set out in this policy, particularly in relation to the recruitment services offered to our clients, in our dealings with our clients, candidates and contractors.


 Recruitment and Selection

 Recruitment and selection criteria must be clear and based upon an objective analysis and definition of the abilities, skills and knowledge required for the job; and to comply with legislative requirements and Codes of Practice covering age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, nationality, colour, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion or disability.

 Training and Career Development

 Ensure that opportunities for training, promotion and transfer are made available equally to all qualified employees, with decisions based solely on the qualifications where appropriate for the role, and job-suitability of the candidates.

 Working Environment

 Ensure that employees are provided with an environment in which they are able to conduct their work without any form of harassment or intimidation.

 Terms and Conditions of Employment

 Ensure that policies including compensation, benefits and any other relevant issues associated with Terms and Conditions of employment are formulated and applied without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, nationality, colour, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin or disability.


 Maintain adequate HR records to enable effective monitoring or compliance with this policy, including the monitoring of the diversity of our workforce.


 Deal speedily and effectively with any complaints of alleged discrimination and harassment, ensuring that all such complaints are fully investigated and that remedial action is taken where necessary.

 Communication and Training

 Ensure that all employees are aware of Careerwise’s Diversity Policy, are conversant with their responsibilities under it so that they are able to meet those responsibilities effectively.

 Careerwise’s Responsibilities


  1. Directors and Managers of business units and teams have prime responsibilities for all aspects of managing diversity within their respective divisions.

  2. All employees have a duty to comply with the Diversity Policy and may be disciplined if they have acted in breach of it.

The Human Resources team are responsible for producing and maintaining policies, procedures and guidelines, and supplying training to support this policy, for assisting operating management meet their responsibilities, and for taking all reasonable and practical steps to ensure compliance.