No1 in Big Data Consulting Globally


Who are we?


We are the Analytics team of a top global consultancy brand that is leading innovation and delivering cutting edge customer solutions. We are ranked globally as no1 in the Analytics space. We provide full lifecycle Analytics and Information management services as well as industry specific managed analytics products to our clients. We are one of the fastest growing teams in our organisation and biggest in the industry. We have clients across all industry sectors and many are national and international giants who are driving major transformation programmes that are shaping the future of global industries including finance, technology, healthcare, transportation, energy, manufacturing, consumer products and education. We are proud to be the driving force behind these game-changer programmes where we make it possible by providing ideas, strategy, design & implementation of solutions and establishing sustainable capabilities to realise the benefits.

Our work motto is ‘Unlocking Insight, Realising Value’. The key to providing new and fresh solutions to our clients’ challenges is our people and a culture of innovation. Our people are passionate about solving big problems using data analytics and technology and believe we can change the world. We are curious and drive innovation by always asking questions like ‘how can we improve this?’. We believe all aspects of diversity, respect and inclusion are critical to our success. Therefore, we work more like a collaborative community, helping one another, than a corporate machine.

What do we do?


We have deep skills to address all aspects business transformation with the use of analytics and technology. Our consulting capabilities range from Strategy, Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Big Data and Visualisation. We use all or some of the combinations of these skills together with effective programme delivery and business change techniques to deliver our projects.

 Our analytics strategists assess the capability of an organisation, against a 32 point framework including people, process, governance and tools, to use information and insight to improve or transform their business and develop strategies and roadmaps to build them.

Our Advanced Analytics & Data Scientists and the Big Data Ninjas work the magic to squeeze juicy insights out of data. It’s part science, part art, but 100% joyful and value adding. Our analytics are real-time and non-real-time, structured and unstructured, predictive and retrospective and use all the latest industry tools and platforms such as [R, Spark, Python]. To capture, clean, integrate and query ‘big data’ we use the latest technologies and platforms such as Hadoop, Casandra, Spark, Cloudera, Graph, AWS…...

We have developed solutions to predict failure modes of turbines that produce energy, analyse the effectiveness of medicines people consume, analyse the performance of major transportation networks to improve time table and capacity, predict risk in insurance and financial services to avoid another 2008 like crisis, predict customer trends to improve consumer services, analyse performance of supply chains to avoid bottlenecks and shortages and many more… all of which are changing the status quo for the better!

In all we have saved and earned our customers in excess of $1 billion in the past 3 years through innovative use of Applied Big Data/ Data Science.


Why you should join, and are you the right person?


We have the brand, the reputation, game-changing clients and their programmes. We have the environment for you to do what you enjoy, develop new and fresh solutions to industry problems, with support from your community.

We need people who want to change the world for the better. We need innovators and developers. We need people who want to make the impossible possible. 

If you have a passion and hunger for analytics, for technology, to collaborate and to innovate; if you are a credible Data Scientist or a Big Data Ninja and want access to game-changing programme opportunities demonstrate and further develop your skills, we want to talk to you.